Expectations and assumptions…is there a distinction?

An expectation has a future based focus. To anticipate, look forward to; to regard as about to happen.

To assume is in the present. I assume this now without proof. I assume you said this, did that, want this.

We hold an expectation to the future, and we assume a reality in the present. 

Both require attending to. 

To name clearly our expectations, and to ask others of theirs, is to manage energy flow, aliveness, creativity.

Assumptions impose our will or desire or world view on another.

To make an assumption without dignifying the other of its truthfulness or not is an act of disrespect or disregard and carelessness, mild, or overt.

To be empathetic is to show a desire to understand another world view. 

To seek to understand another world view or experience is a gift of enormous significance.

Seek to understand, develop empathy, check assumptions and manage expectations.

Photo taken March 11th 2021

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