Long time readers will know I am a big fan of the work of Caroline Myss. I went to my first workshop with Caroline in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1997.

In her latest book, Defy Gravity, she talks of the seven graces and the seven passions (more commonly known as the seven deadly sins), aligned with the seven chakras.

I have been listening to Caroline speak on Defy Gravity via her web site, where she has many hours of free video. I turn this into audio and listen to it while I run. I love her teaching and lectures even more than her written work. Over the weekend I decided to start my own deep dive into the seven graces and the seven passions, one grace and one passion at a time, and to write about each experience as it unfolds.

I will stay in each passion and grace for as long as required.

I suspect that by going deep into each one, not only we we become familiar with how these passions and graces play out in our lives, but we will also clearly identify how we want to move away from, or closer to…how do we live in reverence? How can we bring more reverence into our lives? How does pride show up for us? Arrogance, hubris, superiority?

Here is a simple chart of the passions and graces aligned with the chakra’s.

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