“Effective leaders are individuals who help us overcome the limitations of our own selfishness and weakness and fears and get us to do harder, better more important things than we can get ourselves to do on our own.” David Foster

Most humans I have ever met want to rise to their best selves. We all have aspects of self that need to be stewarded into existence. This is why it is so very important to surround ourselves with people who ask more from us, again and again and again.

Interestingly this quote by David Foster also describes an excellent coach. Great leaders are by nature great coaches and mentors.

And within this quote lies the principle of synergy. That one plus one plus one may equal 25, or 100 or 1000. Or…when I work with you, we are both better than when we each work on our own.

We want our leaders to frame the stakes of the moment. To articulate with resonant clarity what needs to be done right here and now, and why, and at what cost. Not the ‘re-arranging deck chairs’ stakes, but whole truths of the issues we face. Hard, raw, real truths.

And to have developed a core so strong and inviolate that no matter what, on this we can trust.

We are not getting this from any of our political leaders, globally. Which means it rests with us.

Now the question, no matter where you sit within your company or life….how strong is your core, how brave is your heart, and are you willing to speak and act in the face of the very things that you complain about?

It is a question I am asking myself, with increasing urgency.

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