This week I have been working on the Syntropic World platform. How might we support rich experiences for people seeking to create a Syntropic Enterprise?

One of our core principles, the principle of Synergy, is to start with the whole first. 

But what is the whole? How far do we go? Bucky Fuller would say start with Universe first.

How do we make sense of data, hard and warm? How do we be sure we are not applying our own bias to the data we are reading, gathering and using? 

How can we be sure that we build into the architecture a way to be good, ethical stewards of power, if and when power might be our remit? The time to do this is well before power is available.

How do we design large systems that show new ways of doing and being? 

For example; Can we create such a level of transparency that all our currency flows are on an incorruptible transparent ledger, accessible to all member participants? Can we demonstrate at the scale we are operating that it is possible for any company or government to have an incorruptible ledge of public or private funds and their use? How do we enable member participants the opportunity to have their say in the flow of currencies? 

How do we create technology to support our Synergistic Accounting tool, where value inputs are seen in at least six domains and value outputs are experienced in at least the same six domains? A dashboard-type experience that enables a living visual map of the integral value in the ecosystem in multiple domains, including what is in abundance and what is missing and how we might leverage this value in surprising ways.

How do we support the deployment of an enterprises Trust Manifesto equivalent? (Download the Syntropic World Trust Manifesto here. This is a template for designing the threshold crossing experience for people to become a part of your enterprise.) Tools that enable people to make informed symmetrical choices as to whether they want to be an active participant co-creating towards the purpose your enterprise holds.

Will it be possible for a Syntropic Community to co-create a Universal Syntropic Income? A base income that enables members to focus on their intrinsic motivation and skills, unencumbered by their need to ‘earn-a-living?’

How do we create the mechanism to enable our development, both as individuals and the collective, through living Syntropy, as we move towards our Evolutionary Purpose?

Is it possible to use the same technology that is directing our behaviour, feelings and thoughts towards areas we have no conscious clue we are being directed, and have this technology unlock our unique Pattern Integrity for a world with a future?

How do we as a collective make better sense of the noise of competing ideas, mindsets and worldviews, the profit incentive finding fruit in seizing our minds for their own gain?

And how do we use, with frequency, the Tensegrity teams to challenge and question every single angle of an idea through its various stages from idea to form, so we can be as sure as possible that our work is not creating dangerous effects in an area that we did not expect and had not accounted for?

Finally, how can I, and Syntropic World, be the model of what is possible?

How do we demonstrate, at every turn, the very story we are telling, teaching, speaking alive?

Is it possible for us to lead profound change in some of our most entrenched systems? 

I think often of Bucky Fullers quote. Don’t try to change the current system. Build new models that make the existing systems obsolete. And then argue with the model. 

Show versus tell. 

Demonstrate what is possible in any enterprise, organisation, or government by building a working model, and duplicating various forms of it one thousand, one million times.

Use the technology we have and are developing to serve the better angels of our nature. To find ways to co-ordinate people to live with their rights and responsibilities for a world with a future. 

The future I see is one where the basics of existence are taken care of as a part of our Common Wealth. Not one set for the haves and one set for the have nots. One set for humanity.

Child care. Aged care. Education. Health care. Housing. 

Not socialism, but advanced civilisation.

Where we are taught to be active participants in the governance of our community. Where technology is used to put all public money and value into the incorruptible transplant ledger. No more bloated contracts. Not more corrupt politicians and business leaders. An educated public able to participate on digital platforms in issues-based voting. All of us responsible citizens of our one home planet. 

The uncoupling of the incentives to addiction, corruption, power asymmetries.

The coupling of incentives to long term healthy futures for all people. 

I may be a lunatic. I am idealistic. But if this is not the world I am spending my days moving towards then in truth I have no desire to be here. 

I believe in my bones that all of this is possible. Those in power now will fight with every weapon they know, including the ones that destroy lives now, like narrative warfare, the presentation of data and statistics in ways that seduce and spell cast.

We need to be prepared for that. For the slaughterhouse of words, threats, public shaming, data manipulation. 

The foundations need to be able to endure all of this. To create a field for possibility unseen in this moment. To shapeshift as the world moves. To serve our purpose and never be addicted or attached to a particular form or expression.

It was a very hard road for me to land at this moment in time. Like a child blindfolded in a very dark labyrinth, for years every step was without any sense of destination, often without respite from difficulty. Only now in hindsight can I see clearly that I needed every single one of those enduring moments, the lived crucible that burned away anything of no use while refining everything precious.

Mistakes will be inevitable. In the last 24 hours have I made two significant ones.   “Are the mistakes a gift to learn?” is the central question?

We can lead change. Of this I am certain.

We need to rethink everything. To challenge every sacred cow. To know our bias, our weakness, the lesser angels of our nature and create an ecology that keeps these elements under supervision.

To ask, unashamedly, how we might do these things.  To consider the whole, the effects of our actions into the next century. 

Never alone. Together. Synergistically. 

All of these questions circulate, waking me, nudging me, persistent. I do not have the answers, yet I know the power of the questions we ask. 

Until answered and lived, they remain animating forces of my existence.

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