Language is a tool, an artefact, a technology

If we want a precise response to our language then we need to speak with precision, absent any possibility of confusion. 

For example, if we want someone to follow a set of directions or instructions our language cannot afford ambiguity.

We are too often lazy with our language. We speak in big concepts when we want precise action.

Or we expect the other to read between the lines, to see the missing links and fill in the blanks.

Precision requires no missing links, no expectation of metal gymnastics from the other. It is not about being patronising. Patronisation is a position of domination and superiority. Rather it is a stand of clarity. 

“How can I say this using as few words as needed to get the person to act, do, respond in the way I intend?” 

If you do not get the response you intended is it the others fault? Or yours as the communicator?

Photo taken February 5th 2021

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