There is serious work to be done in the world.

We are rewriting the rule book on business as usual. Yet what we don’t want is more factory humans.

Cold steel and anti life work environments.

Doing work that steals our soul, like Harry Potter’s Death Eaters.

We want work that enlivens us. Adds value to the planet. Does no harm. Is good for my soul and your soul and the soul of the tree’s and oceans.

We want to be engaged with companies that value people, community, the future, health of mind body and spirit.

It’s not about forgetting the dark side. The rape and pillage of people and planet. We do need to ignite our passion, our anger, our rage at what we are doing and have done as humans in Universe.

And then we need to dance more,  love more, laugh more. Break bread together. Experience beauty. Bring colour and life into our work environments.

Let’s do the serious work of screwing business as usual and have it be fun, light, playful and adventurous.

Angela Sevin via Compfight

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