Making agreements managing expectations

If we make an agreement we are setting up the expectation that the agreement will be honoured.

I agree to meet you next Tuesday at noon. 

There has not been any coercion. I have nominated to do this. 

You have agreed that the time and date works for you.

Both of us are happy with the agreement and have accepted the terms.

If either of us do not keep the agreement, if one or both of us are late, or fail to show up at all, then we have violated the agreement. 

The person left waiting had an expectation that the other would show up, as agreed. 

If the other does not show up, and fails to make contact, ideally well before the agreed time, then we are likely to get an scenario that has a degree of upset and/or frustration. An unmet expectation. 

This simple little example is built off a platform of respect for the other and respect for ourselves in keeping our word.

Make only agreements that you intend to keep. 

If you cannot keep the agreement notify the parties that will be at effect of your failed agreement as soon as you are able and re-set the agreement.

While this example sounds so simple, so easy, so obvious…whole systems, including life and death systems, break down because people fail at some level in keeping agreements and managing expectations, including with themselves.

At all times the application of sovereign choice, clean communication, precision of language, makes a difference. 

If you have an expectation of another that you have to date failed to discuss with the other in order to make an agreement, then you are at fault. If they have no idea of your expectation of them they are unlikely to be able to meet that expectation as you want it to be met.

If we make promises that we do not keep, then others have the right to be angry or upset with us as their expectations have not been met…expectations that we set by choice.

Simply put. 

Be your word. Speak your truth. Honour your commitments. Renegotiate as soon as you know you are unable to keep our commitments. 

This is to dignify those with whom we are collaborating  and partnering with. 

It also builds the muscle of our own integrity to self. 

And when others in your world do not keep their promises, hold them to account..if you do not you have no right to complain about their failed promises. 

Photo taken February 17th 2021

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