We live in a world split between politically correct egalitarianism/anti-hierarchy, and Donald Trump and Vlad Putin. These two men (if I can call them men), who have managed to pull off world domination, have done it through base male expression. Blatant lies, aggression, outright exaggeration, deception, cruelty, dismissal and of anyone who doesn’t fit their world view…but in particularly women, people of colour or people of ‘disagreeable to them’ religions. They are super smart at playing the game. And we, the people, are their puppets. We are dancing shamelessly on those strings, blind to their game for the most part, caught up in the distraction of the media while they get on with the business of making as much money as they can for the privileged few. Screw you. Screw the Earth. Screw the majority.

The nice people, who seek only passivity and calm, who hate confrontation, and want everyone to love each other, are the foil to this problem. These two poles work together. Nice people enable the nasties, and the nasties depend on the nice to thrive. Or, out of the field of nice comes the terrible. Because the nice never say NO! This is wrong! Stop! The nice are anti anything that doesn’t look like a hard NO.

Only Love Trumps Hate? Really?

Love is not enough. Action. Speaking up. Saying NO. Drawing a line. Drawing a very HARD line. Drawing it again, and again. Getting angry. Getting really angry. Let’s not dismiss these actions as bad. They are necessary, for the DT’s and Vlads of the world will not hear anything else but their own language. They see nice as their ticket to more nasty. Let us not give it to them.

Into this potent mix we have the slow but definite rise of women with a voice. Women who will say NO! My body is mine, not yours! My thoughts have equal place to be heard! I am smart and able as you are, so stop being so condescending!

But the moment we raise our voice or state an opinion we get accused of being a bitch. Hard to work with. Difficult.

Problem is the only way we will be heard is to raise our voice and raise our actions. To not be silent. To hold true to standards that ask everyone to show up better than the Trumps and Vlads of the world. To call for business that respects ALL of humanity, and not just the boys with the toys.

So bitch it is. Hard to work with I am. Not because I am a bitch by the way, but because I am a women with a voice, with a brain, with principles and with the courage to get into the arena and fight for business for all of humanity.

How do I know I am not a bitch. Simple. I invite anyone. ANYONE, who has a beef with me, to sit with me. I will give them my FULL attention to understand why I have done the terrible work of pissing them off. They may have a point and if so I will hear it, consider it, and perhaps extend an apology. If our world view differs, I have the bandwidth to recognise that, politely disagree, and respect them for standing for what they believe in. Even if they do not respect me.

Almost all of the times I have offered this opportunity to those who cry bitch either to my face or in the safety of social media, they do not take up the offer. Far easier for them to sit back and feel the satisfaction of projected anger than to actually enter into a fully engaged conversation with said Bitch and perhaps expose aged patterns of sexual and intellectual inadequacy…or even worse, to see the truth of their anger for the sexism it probably is.

This bitch has compassion. I can see the cultural trance so many people are in that has thrived for centuries on eliminating the contribution of half of the human race. At the global level, I will extend my compassion.

But on the ground, 1-1, if you call me a bitch, and do not take me up on the invitation to explore my genuine desire to understand how I have been a bitch in your life, then sorry mate. I will see you for the coward you are. I will keep the door open for that conversation, if you ever seek it. Until that time, my boundaries will be clear and strong. I have far too much to do with too many wonderful people who begin from a place of mutual respect for each other, no matter what their sex/age/colour/world view, and who have the courage to step fully into the frey when relationships go pear shaped. As they will do. this bitch has work to do

This bitch has work to do. Values to live by. Standards to keep. Hard to work with…..hell yes!Nothing great is ever done by people who are not committed to the standards they bring to life in the world.

2017. The year my bitch is celebrated. We have work to do. The world needs our voice. The moment we cower in silence and submission in the nice girls club is the moment we hand the keys to the DT’s of the world. God helps us. We have been silent and sweet for too long.

Not any more. All rise Bitches. Let the wrath of Kali come fully into her own.

Who’s with me?*

*offer open to women who know the time has come to be fully sovereign, to men who are willing to engage in the real conversation of working in full partnership with women, and to the gender neutral and gender diverse who are finding their voice in a non binary world.

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