What did I do when I knew?

What did I do when I knew that allowing business to put money into politics corrupts? Completely.

That extracting a single other ounce of fossil fuels from Earth means our grandchildren’s lives might not be tolerable?

That the purpose of a limited liability corporation is to avoid liability while making a maximum return for shareholders, NO MATTER WHAT. (Whole communities wiped out, sex slavery, child slavery, exploitation, extraction, my beautiful phone requiring children to be exploited, the cost of lifesaving medicine to be 100x, 200x, 300x PROFIT…)

That the military industrial complex needs to be fed war to thrive. And by the way they are thriving.

That we have a whole industry that thrives on sickness. Called the health industry! Not a wellness industry built to keep people well…?

And an education system built on profit (as in profit as much as you can)…as if exploitative profit from education is a good thing and student debt is just the way it is.

That 97% of the economy is simply a giant casino, where money makes money trading on money…producing 100% of nothing at all, except money. (Called financialisation.) Try feeding a kid dollar notes…or actually try feeding them bits of 0’s and 1’s in a digital world. And that the supposed power of humanity rests with the people who control this 97% who contribute little to society, and if they do, it is often a guilt tax, an afterthought. (Tell kids going hungry and cold and sick tonight that they are an after thought.) That most of this ‘money’ is locked up in some off shore tax haven, earning ‘interest’ (money making more money from money) and stagnating whole economies. And that by the way, to do this…to avoid tax…is smart and good business and should be applauded. But its OK for Barb to work two jobs just to make ends meet, actually scratch that, to not make ends meet, and have to pay 30% tax. Because she didn’t work hard enough…or…isn’t smart enough…or…some other throw away line made by the privileged few about people they have zero context for or interest in.?

What did I do when I knew?

Did I roll over and mutter…someone elses problem?


Not much little ol’ me can do about all that…


Too big..too hard…can’t…won’t…

What did I do?

What did I do……

Knowledge comes with responsibility. You cannot unknow that our system allows rich (comparatively speaking) white guys to fly to Asia to purchase child sex. You cannot unknow that our political system is corrupt beyond measure, owned by big corporates who have their own agenda, and we know what that agenda is….oh and by the way we might profit from that agenda in the increased ‘value’ in our super fund. You cannot unknow that the rare earth metals used in our phones are mined through nefarious means. (Child labor, atrocious conditions, civil war)

I cannot unknow that we humans have the know-how to build a better system. To enable our financial, education and health care systems to work for everyone. That there is enough to go around. That not a single child needs to starve tonight. Not one. But that 21,000 will die tonight of hunger and hunger related causes. And another 21,000 tomorrow…..

Knowledge comes with responsibility.

Responsibility is a big scary word. The ability to respond. To respond! To do something. To act.

What did I do when I knew about the detention camps on Nauru? Genuine refugee’s all over the world? Lives torn apart by war largely created by foolish decisions made by ‘leaders’ of the ‘free’ world.

What did I do?

How easy is it to go back into our safe little world and do nothing. To be helpless against this seemingly insurmountable scenario. To desire a happy peaceful life where we slip into a state of global tunnel vision attempting to deny that we know anything about what is going on on our watch. (And it is OK to forget, for a while. A short while. Before getting back into the .)

What can one person do?

This has been my inquiry for many years.What can I do?

This is what I know. I can act. My action matters. My action will be exponentially multiplied when I act in collaboration and partnership with others. No act is a small act. Kindness, compassion, and consideration of all consequences are significant acts. Healing our relationships matter. Building beautiful business, where there are only winners, matters. Teaching what I know and have learned, matters. Being open to learn constantly, matters. Daring myself to be bolder, braver and more visionary…matters. Caring…caring enough to act…matters. Daring to care matters…to speak up…to be ridiculed for trying and failing…matters.

Getting into the arena…always matters. Action, not just talk.

My grandchildrens granchildren are calling me from their future…what did you do when you knew?

My question…am I able to look them in the eye and say…here…I did this. And this mattered.





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