We have people who want to work and be paid at least a living wage to do so.

We have more money than we need locked up in off shore tax havens lying idol.

We have a high need for infrastructure everywhere.

We have food to feed the world.

We have medicine to care for the world.

We have the technology, either open source or protected by enclosure, to build abundant renewable energy and energy storage and distribution mechanisms.

The prevailing story of scarcity is based not on lack of resources, but lack of will.

Will is not someone else problem. Will is mine. Yours. Ours. It is our daily actions of inviting collaboration, partnering, and possibility.

The impulse to enclose, shut down, protect, compete…only feeds the world we know will not feed us.

Today is another chance to act differently. Invite. Partner. Share. Open.

To own the solution, not be part of the problem.

*Note to self. To be vigilant when I drop back into scarcity, closed, protective, competitive, fear based, lacking generosity…and in noticing this in me, to ascend to a higher choice.


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