Resignation – I don’t see any possibilities and nothing I do will make a difference.

Acceptance – it is as it is. I may not like it, but I am not willing to do anything about changing it.

Doubt – can I pull this off?

Resignation can be the heartbreak door to acceptance. You show up and show up and keep getting battered in showing up, until one day you stop showing up. There is a flavour to resignation that is bitter. A helplessness. Even a form of victimhood. In time this may lead to acceptance, where the difference is a clear choice to no longer show up.

To live in resignation is to live a small and miserable life, always the victim to non action.

Acceptance is a form of freedom. There is a lightness to acceptance, based on our conscious choice. Acceptance and victimhood do not live together.

Doubt is healthy and normal. In it’s earliest manifestations it asks us to question basic assumptions that rightly need questioning. However, doubt unchecked can be a poison that contaminates a whole system.

Almost anyone who has had a breakthrough after years of consistent steady action will tell you that they doubted the very day before the breakthrough. That the day of the ‘instant’ success, nothing was particularly different. Until everything changed.

At any point we always have choice. To think otherwise is to resign.

Photo credit: Christine McDougall, Surfers Paradise Beach July30th 2015



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