Speaking up as an act of service

If you have paid for a service and there is something about that service that has disappointed you, or you have felt could be better, what do you do?

Do you speak up, or remain silent?

We might think that speaking up requires courage, particularly if we have been deeply disappointed by the service.

But perhaps to speak up is an act of service, not just to those delivering the service, but to all the other people that might have your less-than-optimal experience.

There are those who are delivering products and services made with love and care. We do not always get it right. It matters that our service and products are worth your time and investment. It makes a significant difference when people take the time to speak to what did not work for them, or what could be better.

And there are those who don’t care at all. They are just about the transaction. To those in the business of all transaction, no care, no longer buying is a vote that might speak louder.

Speaking up becomes an act of love and service when we know that the people producing that service come from love, even as they fumble.

Photo taken April 19th 2021

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