Our mother Sun radiates out energy…more energy than the world can ever use. This radiation of energy is entropic.  In providing us energy the sun is very slowly breaking down. The Sun gives.

That given energy is condensed on Earth. This ability to concentrate is syntropy. Energy as light is miraculously converted through photosynthesis, where Carbon dioxide..CO2…yes that stuff that in high levels causes current systems to breakdown, plus water, H2O, plus Sunlight (photons)…gets turned into Carbohydrates and Oxygen…. into plant life which allows all living things to survive and Earth to flourish. That food you just ate…made by the Sun. Even mass produced stuff that people call food still has some sunlight in it…(and yes, the closer to Source the food is, the more uncontaminated sunlight you get to enjoy)

We have had a mythology about the entropic nature of Universe. That it is breaking down…going into more chaos. What is often forgotten is the syntropic nature of Universe. The ability to bring more order to chaos, to concentrate energy to increase human productivity and aliveness.

It takes the dance of entropy and syntropy. And here is the deal. It starts with giving. The Sun gives. No sun, no life….The Sun radiates out. It doesn’t have a ‘giving’ balance sheet. It simply does what it does…nuclear fusion, light creation, life creation.

That light is then blended with what some may consider a nasty gas, CO2, to create energy and water.

Taking this metaphor from nature, and accepting that nature has been working well with this model for billions of years, (Humans have only been around for about 100,000 years…so any arrogant stance that we humans have figured out how to build sustainable models needs to be held in respect to the ultimate model maker…Nature) your business has a core purpose (if not, start with that, and recognise as well that the core purpose has its own life cycle, it will end) and in the first instance of expression your business would be wise to give out. From this first step we then move to creating the environment to concentrate, partnering with diverse and often considered ‘unsavory’ elements (but in reality agnostic), to produce something that allows greater energy to be unleashed. (Syntropy)

The cycle then repeats…GIVE, then create to unleash more value.

Outbreath, in breath. Exhale, inhale.

The keys..

Be clear on core purpose…and that your purpose has a life cycle.

Radiate out from your core purpose…GIVE. First.

From the field of giving, concentrate light, combine it with a few diverse elements.

Produce something that allows greater energy to be unleashed. (More energy than you started with = Regenerative)


This article was inspired by three decades of being a student of R. Buckminster Fuller, plus a dream I had last night where it was clear that I had to write about syntropy. The dream actually specifically pointed to syntropy and love. But on deeper exploration I recognised that syntropy is the forgotten aspect of life on Earth…in our scarcity based models of business and finance where we are hell bent on breaking down, taking, consuming (entropic) we have forgotten and deeply undervalued the regenerative, reverent, compassionate and syntropic aspect….syntropy therefore is love asking to be seen in her whole magnificence. (Not unlike my series on Money where I pointed to the need to bring alive the Yin aspect of money)

Photo credit. Christine McDougall

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