Maybe the story you have been telling yourself about how your Boss, the Board, or your spouse’s mother doesn’t like you or the job your are doing…is not real?

Maybe you are spending your days and nights worrying about something that doesn’t exist?

All that time and heart ache…for ghosts. Or not.

Why not ask them?

Sure, they may actually affirm your story. “No, I do not like you.”

But they may also tell you a story about their experience of you that allows you to do something about it. Or not.

There is you, and your experience, your emotions, your feelings…and then there is the story/interpretation of the world around you.

Bucky Fuller describes science as the attempt to set in order the facts of experience.

So rather than live in the story of what you interpret or experience, be scientific. Ask….and in the process, give yourself a life.

PS. I am learning this right now. It has come to my attention just how much time I have spent in stories that are either not true, or do not serve me.


Photo credit: Piermario via Compfight



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