The path of integrity

There is a problem. It’s big. One of those keep-you-up-at-night problems. There are some easy solutions, but you know that to take these will violate a deep agreement you have made with yourself.

What to do? What to do?

In the past, you took the easy way. But the price has become too high. This is the grand choice. The one the Universe is lying at your feet. It is the commitment to stay on the high road that changes everything.

Mystics and sages across all times have said that the answer to any problem is right before you. It simply requires a different way of looking. When you give up the old and easy way another path suddenly becomes clear. But never until you resolve to say no to the easy path.

The solution will take a deep breath and courage. More courage than feels comfortable. But it is the right one. And you have found it.

This is the path of integrity.

March 3rd 2020

Photo taken March 2nd, 2020, by Tony