The path to equality

When a woman uses relentless provocation against a man, is she surprised when the male lashes out with force? 

It takes a very emotionally mature male not to resort to the lizard brain of brute.

Almost anyone, male or female, when pushed to the limit, will lash out in the most primal way they know.

Under few circumstances do I condone violence. Yet women need to take more responsibility for violence against them. If a woman works with passive aggressive relentless fault-finding, or emotional warfare and manipulation, she is partially responsible. 

Just as a bully needs a victim – therefore do what it takes to not be the victim – drama begets drama, and emotional and psychological violence begets violence in all forms.

As the pendulum shifts in the tides of gender, it is easy to blame one gender for everything. This is not the path to equality.

The path to equality is to take full responsibility for who we are, how we communicate and the world we have created around us. This includes all genders and gender nuances. 

True communication is the response you get.

Photo taken January 24th 2023

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