Each day we have thousands of choices, from basic..don’t eat the chocolate/eat the chocolate) to pivotal..move cities, quit your job.

Given I have spent a large part of my life working with people on their major life decisions…I am perplexed that people have such poor decision making structures in place.

We were taught very early to hand our decisions over to higher authorities. The parent, the teacher, the coach. (And then the government, the spouse, the boss)

This is the way we do things here.
This is a straight line.
Don’t ask questions.

At what point did we inquire…’why do we do things this way?’ or..’ is there really such a thing as a straight line?’ and ‘why don’t you want me to ask questions?’

To make a great decision we need to start from the place of recognition that we have sovereign choice at all times.

To do this simple first step may take years of untangling all of the places where we have relinquished our sovereignty. Most of the time we simply do not see what we do not see. We do not see that we have agreed to the system upon which we have built our lives. That our lives are about trading x time and skill for a strange thing called money. Few people question the model, inquire deeply as to what is money, or look under the hood of what is the system in which we are mere pawns. Our work at 2.23AM is to invite a look under the hood.

Any decision making process of any merit requires a deep excavation of why. Why go this direction? And why? And why? Right to bedrock. From the place of bedrock we can then ask if this is really what we want as the core impulse that motivates our lives. Do we want our insatiable hunger for status to be what drives us? Is this it? So I can big note myself? Will a life built around constantly needing status and recognition really have me feel happy and complete?

Now we get to the crux of it. Now the real work begins.

How about making decisions that don’t just feed the empty places in you, but feed/fuel the whole? For when we make decisions that are aligned with the whole of us it is a fully embodied and visceral YES!

If you are really clear that you just want to make as much money as you can, and there is nothing else you seek deeper than that, no worries. Just have the balls to say that without wrapping it in any seductive spin or shady promises.

I am delivering this product or program to make money. Period.

I am choosing this path of formal education because I want to see letters after my name. Cool.

Own the source of your decisions through having the courage to question them to their core.


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