Now is that moment where we need to push through fear. Your brain tells you that it is right. The pieces stack up, your integrity is in check.

Your intuition says it is right. Indeed every part of you is in alignment that this action is the action to take. But fear is present. This action is going to surface your vulnerabilities. Your inadequacies. Maybe it could mean rejection. And maybe you take that rejection personally.

Whatever, this is the moment. Every human I know lives on the cusp of this moment. And almost every human I know at this very point retreats. Back. To safety.

In the beautiful work by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu, Mbraining, they talk about moving through the fear by engaging all three of our brains, our head, heart and gut brain. But it is the gut brain that takes the action. Stepping into the action that we are afraid of requires bringing the breath down into the gut, straightening the spine and stepping forward from the gut.

Now is the time. Is it a yes, or a retreat?

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