Are you the same person you were last year? A decade ago? A week ago? Probably not. Life changes in a heart beat, and with it we change.

The cultural myth of our times is how we must aspire to live our fullest potential. This amazing place in the future where we will have our super powers fully ignited. Kapow! Kazam! Watch out!

What a trap this mythology is. For the seed of this trap is that right now, in this very moment, and in every moment till now that you have lived in the mythology that your fullest potential is out there ahead of you, you (me) have been operating from a place of lack. “I lack, and so I need to strive to be more, and more…and more…”

And of course the striving to be more is endless. There is no “I have arrived at my fullest potential.”

We live our lives from lack, from not enoughness. And we live in a world that champions scarcity.

Scarcity is the underwriting code of our monetary system.

The pursuit of higher potential is just another fractal of the same pattern that is all pervasive. “You are not enough. There is not enough. There will never be enough.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying stop learning, stop moving to more wisdom and awareness.

Instead do this from exactly the same place a baby does it when it comes time to take those first steps. Or indeed its first breath. There is no scarcity of the ability to walk. There is no “I won’t make it as a socially acceptable baby if I don’t walk.” There is no “This is bloody hard, maybe I should quit.”

There is simply a spontaneously arousable desire, pure of all else but natures delight in unfolding, as pure as the rose bud that simply must open to the full light.

It was this that Joseph Campbell meant when he said..follow your bliss…or Buckminster Fuller suggested when he said do what is spontaneously arousable from within in you for the highest good of all.

We move forward, take that next step, learn, grow, stop, rest, fall down, get up…because we simply must. We cannot not. This is pure desire, pure motivation. As pure as is our breathing in and out.

Right now you are your fullest potential. Love that. Share all the gifts and skills you have with the world, as they are, today.

Let your pure desire to grow, to move, to stop, to be still, to breath…be your guide.

Scarcity is the mythology. Without you even knowing it, scarcity rules you….us.

Breath in plenty. Breath in fullness. Breath in the perfect imperfection of you in this moment. Repeat. Keep repeating. The world needs embodied fullness and abundance. The world needs you just as you are now.


Photo credit: Joseph Martinez via Compfight


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