There is a price for stepping into the arena

There have been times when my anger has been jet fuel for positive action.

Where the injustice has been too big for me to sit on the sidelines and watch.

If we were really to stand in our own responsibility we would know that we earn our right to complain about something when we do something about it.

If we care that much then what are we doing? 

To feel helpless and powerless in the face of injustice is to grant the injustice our power, to become a supplicant to the forces of injustice rather than a stand against them.

To step into the arena, to be willing to put ourselves on the line is to stand for the things we care about.

Many will be sitting in the stalls, watching. Many will throw rocks. Many will troll, bully, ridicule. Some will applaud.

Stepping up is not for glory, not for righteousness. 

It is because we care about what is happening more than we care about being liked, right or good. 

It is not bravery, rather a move towards a better future that we know is possible.

The price of being in the arena includes the trolls and rock throwers. Expect them. Do not let them define you. 

The price also includes our own respect. 

And quite possibly, a better world.

Photo taken May 26th 2021

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