To be curious

To be curious, to seek to know, to uncover, to want to see..

There is an urge, a quest, a hunger in curiosity. 

The child with a million questions, and then a million more.

Ignorance is not an option. Curiosity says I need to think and know for myself.

Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form, says Russian poet Nabokov. 

The authority or opinion of another will not define us when curiosity leads.

The danger in our current world is to neglect to add to curiosity the skill of discernment. How do we know to trust the source? When our curiosity takes us down rabbit holes, is what we find, no matter its apparent truth, true? 

To remain curious about that might keep us from being manipulated and seduced against our awareness. 

Photo taken October 21st 2021