To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle. George Orwell
“In Front of Your Nose,” Tribune (22 March 1946)

We are all trapped in our inability to see what is in front of our nose. The capacity for objectivity and cool revision of our own character is an indication of an advanced human. Yet our view is never enough, for we are always blinded to the obvious.

To surround ourselves with a considered collection of feedback mechanisms shows the character of a human seeking to evolve fast.

This doesn’t mean we surround ourselves with a fan club. A fan club will feed the endless thirst for sycophancy.

To choose our coaches, mentors and truth tellers wisely, we must look to those who hold us so completely in a place that is beyond our ability to see. AND who care more about us and our whole expression than they care what we think of them. They will speak their truth, not to hear the sound of their voice, but to support the full and true expression of ours.

Feedback will be provided no matter what. (With or without a select group of curated feedback givers.) This is guaranteed. Break downs, anger, attack, loss, failure, injury, rebuke, divorce, illness, accidents…can all be witnessed through the lens of feedback. As can be synchronicities, flow states, and general Universal magic and delightful mayhem.

The question, the very rich question is, are we listening? Are we finding the space, daily, weekly, monthly, to tune into the constant, often softly spoken feedback that whispers to a life ever so slowly, then often massively, that is going off course?

To not do this, to not find a place to tune in to the pattern integrity of our life, our beautiful business, our relationships, our craft, is to dishonour the gift of life itself.