A mother lifts a car off a trapped child, finding strength she never had. This is the power of intention.

A leader walks into a packed room, says several words with the arrow of intention, and with that, people move to the action directed, without question.

The arrow of intention means that every fibre of your being, every cell, is aligned to the same intention. There isn’t any argument in any part of your system. Your head, your heart, your gut and your being are in total alignment.

Intention transcends words. Intention crosses space. Intention gets people out of their stupor.

If you want to do great things in the world, live your life with intention. Take the time to excavate the purity of your intention. Go below the superficial…the words like success, power, freedom. What is the core of the core, the heart of the heart, the truth of the truth of your intention.

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