Just imagine if we just got on with it every time. Every time there was resistance. The kind of resistance that we know without doubt is our small, lazy, fear based self.

Imagine if instead of it taking hours, days, weeks, years or decades….yes…there are people who have been avoiding facing their resistance for decades…we just got on with it? Went through the resistance?

Life would speed up. AND…the things we want most would happen faster. Yep, we might have to confront the fact that we have been betrayed, that our partner in business has been lying…cheating…or that we have been lying to ourselves…in denial…ashamed that someone might find out we are not so great or so successful…or that our health will finally break down and our go fast and hard lifestyle will catch up with us..

We are going to have to face this sometime. There is no decade we can hide under.

Why do we resist moving through the resistance? On the other side is the freedom we want. But the price is high. For most it is too high. The pseudo comfort zone  of a half life has numbed us to sleep.

I cannot begin to tell you the pain of not moving through the resistance. The number of people I have worked with who live half lives. Their relationship has sucked for years. Or they are doing work that makes them feel empty. Or they tolerate really bad performance. Yet they resist.

What are you resisting? And when, when…will you finally say “Enough. Onwards, through?”

Steve Rhodes via Compfight

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