132 years

The Global Gender Gap Report released by the World Economic Forum for 2022 estimates that at the rate we are going it will take 132 years before women stand on equal footing to men.

If we were considering contribution and value differently, the report would show a much more frightening number.

Adding in the care economy, the value of nature, the future cost of externalities into the current measures, the historical and current extraction costs from the colonised and poorer nations to the wealthier,  and almost all of our reporting on economics would be shown to be a sham. Not just for women, but for people of colour, people without access or privilege.

What we measure is what we focus on.

I propose we start again with what we measure. 

We place the increased well-being of life, all life, and our home Planet, as the central purpose to everything we do.

Then we look for the key indicators of the success of this revised measure, including equity, access to health and sickness care, quality education, and choice of expression in our work and contributions, we might begin a new story of humanity.

This is the story I desire. This is also the story we are crafting using the Synergistic Accounting tool. Our workshop on this commences July 26th. We invite you to join us here.

Photo taken July 14th 2022

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