A culture of helplessness

In a world of victims and bullies, trauma and helplessness, we become so fragile we cannot find a finger to raise in our agency.

The pendulum has swung too far towards soft. Hypersensitive and overly precious is not a way to live or build resilience.

When we discover our agency, our internal locus of control, we can choose how we respond. 

No one can make us angry. Only we choose to be angry. No one can make us a victim. Only we choose to be a victim. 

Trauma can be healed. It might take time. Work on healing rather than being forever at the effect of trauma. 

Of course, there are exceptions. 

Yet the cry of fragility is causing a crisis in mental health. 

It is also creating a culture of helplessness. 

Waking up to our agency and recognising our ability to respond as we desire is our freedom.

Photo Taken March 7th 2023

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