A few ground principles of a Syntropic World

Every life has a purpose, value, a gift to give to the whole. Parents know this when they behold their child. 

Our task as individual humans is to inhabit this essential part of us, to trust its contours, to speak its truth. 

When we express this part of us, when we give it all in service to something greater, when we stand tall in the Pattern Integrity of our intrinsic gifts, the Universe responds with unexpected gifts towards us. 

If this is indeed true, then how do we support a world where each life is precious? 

Do our current models and tools enable the precious gift of life to become all it has the potential to be?

Could we ever be so callous to consider people as commodities, as trade, as resources, as data on a spreadsheet?

Would we be able to sleep at night with our accumulated millions while a single child goes hungry or homeless?

Would we design a system of labour and jobs that diminishes the unique potential of each life so that we can accumulate tokens?

And when out of left field, a door opens, someone says yes to us, a gift is given towards the expression of our gifts, what do we say? 

For in the gifting of self in true service, we have entered the flow, and in the flow we are nourished. 

Photo taken September 4th 2016

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