Two seagulls and a lone runner frame this beautiful sunrise.

I have felt as if everything I have been working on has been stuck for about 6 weeks. Interestingly, in my inner work around the project that consumes most of my days, I hold the image of two birds…white doves…or perhaps seagulls.. as a symbol of my project.

When I stopped my run to take this shot there were birds. They allowed me to include them. And then they flew away.

We can live in a mechanistic Universe where the ocean, birds, air, sun…all of nature…are less than sacred and separate from us….something outside of us…and in so doing these beautiful elements of nature become objects of utility, open to exploitation.

Or we can live in a Universe where everything is connected…where there is no separation. I am the birds, the sky, the ocean…and they are me.

We can hold this connected stance as mythic, or scientific…science has shown that every atom in my body has been in the body of all other humans through time, and probably all other living things…

With this dawn comes flow…flight…unfolding…nature has its own gestation rate….perfect in its is only me..the human who thinks I have control over all…who seeks to push before the right timing…


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