In my daily contemplation I have been inspired to write about the male partner I am holding a place for. And to share it here….on my blog…in public….ouch…deep breath….quite scary to do this…

So here goes…(and because this is an appeal to the Universe, please pass this on to anyone you think a likely match.)

And, for all the singles out there, maybe you can do the same…be inspired to write something such as I have, and share it, either here in the comments, or on your own blog…or with friends..


I have spent my life dedicated to living in joyous curiosity, a forever student with a sharp mind, and a love of complex thinking, from global politics, to history, to the brilliance of R. Buckminster Fuller. I am that weirdly interesting combination of deeply mystical and very pragmatic. I have been self employed since the age of 24, and a single parent for 19 years. Long term single status has come as a surprise to me. I was never interested in being rescued, although I had quite a few offers to be ensconced in a palace. Other offers of being the trophy wife. Not my style.

My playground is the world, my work is my play. I have a fierce relationship with endurance sport, running and swimming, and a passion for early mornings, ocean swims, bare feet and healthy food. Yet I do ‘glamorous’ with great style. And my chocolate cake is famous around the world.

I celebrate the most incredible friendships with extraordinary people globally. Relationships to me are about depth of communication, intimacy and profound truth. I get bored with superficial chit chat very quickly. I love to travel the globe collaborating with inspirational people to bring more truth to the world at the individual and organisational level. Integrity is my ground of being, my map, and the road.
My shadow…I can be fiery, intense, a workaholic, driven. Direct.


You are deeply caring about your work, the way you live your life, your fitness and your health. You are a global citizen, with a depth of spirit that leaves me breathless. You are ridiculously smart, and have a delicious sense of humor. Yet you are able to be moved by things that really matter. You are motivated, courageous and have a deeply generous spirit.

If you have children, they are older, whole and healthy, and their mother is someone you respect. You love the outdoors, adventure and challenge. You are at home in both five star and the rough and tumble.

You are outrageously honest with yourself and others, incapable of deception. You are extremely self aware and evolved at the soul level. Creativity and visionary activism come naturally to you. You are also very smart at business.

You are seeking a true partner, where mutual respect ever evolves, support is unquestioned, and possibilities are endless.



Together we are more than we are separate and single. Mutual respect is the ground of our being, and each year it increases. We embody partnership. The resonance increases when we lean into each other. And yet we have the ability to stay whole as individuals.

Physically we create music..anything from rock, to Norah Jones ..or Bach…and sometimes all simultaneously.

Our agreement to partner is based on our relationship allowing the best of each of us to become more alive. Anything less than this is approached with great concern and consciousness.

We work together around the world, creating breathtaking opportunities that support the health and vitality of the whole. And we have so much fun…doing serious important work. Our life together is an adventure, joyous and easy.



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