I have so many people to thank for their extraordinary acts of generosity this year. Last year I felt my life was bereft of miracles. I wanted to to be the person who experienced many miracles as a normal part of living.

And so it was this year.

I am not sure if this was because I opened myself to miracles, or because the larger play of time, kairos time, was involved, or because I began to notice the beauty and abundance in small things…

Or maybe it was all of this. Being open, kairos timing and noticing…

From the very early part of the year miracles flowed. The more I relaxed into receiving and letting go of my agenda the more they flowed.
Almost always they came completely out of left field, knocking the stuffing out of my meagre expectations, knee capping me to a place of such humility.

Generally they came from surprising people.

I realised that to be open to miracles you cannot be attached to where they might come from, and who might deliver them. You simply have to open. And then receive them with gratitude, humility and grace.

They may not have the exact form and shape you expected, nor may they lead you to the place you hoped.

But they will lead you to a more miraculous world.

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