My regret today was I didn’t have a camera to capture some of the incredible beauty. I was running, so camera’s may be difficult to carry. I have to hold the perfection in my soul instead.

Given the high temperatures and humidity we have been having, my group of running friends and I have switched our Sunday run from the forest to beach side. Mostly so we can jump into the ocean when we are done.

Our Sunday runs are long…at least 2 hours…and have hills. So we have created a run around the hills of Burleigh Heads, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Total of 556 meters elevation according to my trusty Garmin.

5 am, about 27 C (80.6 F) and humid. We are on top of the first hill when the sun comes over the Pacific Ocean just after 5. It is one of those days when the sky is mostly clear, (we don’t have evident pollution where I live…clear means cloud free) and at this time of day the light is so beautiful, with Burleigh Headland to the South, and the high rises of Surfers Paradise to the North. It was perfect.

At some point in the run we are on top of a hill at the back of Burleigh Heads with views across the ocean. Wow.

Running on Burleigh Headland hill, a national park, we could be in any subtropical forest in the world. Yet we are minutes to main stream beach community life. Wild turkeys get out of the way, very used to human pedestrian traffic. Back around the hill we look North to Surfers Paradise across the Pandanus Palms.  Since today the ocean is fairly flat, one lone surfer is at the famous Burleigh break. It is one of my most favourite views in all the world and today it was worth stopping to enjoy.

Back to Miami Surf club, now just after 7 am, and a hive of activity, as is every surf club in Australia on a Sunday morning in summer (actually for all but four months of the year). The Aussie way of life is surf clubs, nippers (junior surf lifesavers, starting age 6) and all the things that go with beaches and oceans. Even with our incredible surf life saving culture, since New Year we have had four drownings. More than usual and tragic. People not swimming in the flagged area and having a very poor understanding of the power of the ocean. Mostly tourists. Never underestimate the ocean. Its power and unpredictability are to be taken with great seriousness.

We spent a good 20 minutes in the ocean. The water temperature was fresh enough to cool you down, not too cold to chill you. Just right. I bobbed out beyond the wave break enjoying the beauty, the sensation of salt water floating, the freshness of the water.

Followed by a beach shower, some stretching and then a wonderful healthy breakfast at the local beach side cafe.

This was as perfect a start to a morning as I could ever imagine. Great company, hard exercise, beautiful scenery, ocean swim, leisurely breakfast….

In all my world travels there are few places that have ever enticed me to move. Hawaii would do at a pinch. The lifestyle here is me to a T. Not city, not country. Close to cities and an easy flight to Sydney. Outdoor lifestyle…not many places you can swim in a public 50 meter pool outdoors 365 days of a year and not get cold. The fantastic Gold Coast Hinterland 20 minutes drive away, with incredible walking/running trails. Rare to drive anywhere in under 15-20 minutes, locally. Not many traffic issues, particularly with my lifestyle, which has never been 9-5.

I was speaking to a friend this week who is not happy with where in the world he lives and it occurred to me that the place I live, the latitude and longitude, plus the place I call home, is very critical to my state of mind. So critical in fact that it really is a non negotiable. My soul hums here. I can breath clean air, inside and out. The light and open spaces and sunshine make me feel vital and alive. I could not compromise any other way of being.

Winter is mild. Cold enough to wear boots and a jacket, heating not required often. A nice change, and only lasting 4 months. I swim in the ocean from September to late May.

Not only do I feel incredibly nourished by my environment, it energises me. Every day.

Which gets me to thinking…how many people who do have a choice live in a place that doesn’t nourish them? We see so many articles about people who are encouraged to do work that fulfills them, but rarely do we see articles about living in an environment that really nourishes every part of your being.

If we are working on how to show up every single day with the best of us shining, this is as critical as any factor. Finding a place to call home that makes your soul sing. It is not about how many square meters your home is…or all the goodies/stuff in your home…my home is a two bedroom condo, but it is in a very quiet area, very close to all the things I like, has high ceilings, nothing fancy (I don’t even own a flat screen TV..given that I don’t really watch TV  – can’t see the point), a little courtyard garden where I grow my herbs…but it is enough. And enough is perfect.

Are you living where your soul sings?

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