A silent conspiracy of defiance

After days of busi-ness, squeezing too much into hours, today is a good day to take time to really observe the sunrise. To gaze, lost in reverie, at the ocean. 

For no reason.

Or perhaps as a lifeline to reconnect to beauty. Love. 

How easily we get lost in the maelstrom of life.


I roll the word on my tongue.

To dream. To wander. To rave.

So delicious. The opposite to our conditioning to do, act, make, work. 

Yet if our doing produces entropy, if our work does not bring more syntropy, more beauty, to our world, perhaps we would be better to spend our time daydreaming.

Lost in reverie.

There is a wildness to be found in the act. I find my imagination frolicking with the waves, my hair tangled with the breeze, a silent conspiracy of defiance.

To drink from the cup of beauty is to be restored.

Photo taken June 11th 2021

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