December 12

Rain. More rain. Weddings and PGA Golf and more rain. Nature has a way of reminding us who is in charge. Because…if you are like me, you forget.

A colleague said to me that the timing of an event was bad. I too have had this conversation about other peoples events. But I have learned that there is no good timing. Or bad timing. There is just the time. For many, the timing of the event is so wonderful because it is in the holiday month. For others the timing is bad because it is in the holiday month.

A wedding today in the rain…what a lovely way to celebrate beginnings. Maybe even bare feet, as we are lucky it is wet but warm.

And a fun time to not worry about your hair, but instead put all attention on being present for the bride and groom.

It has been said time and again…it is not what happens, but how we respond to what happens. Today I am going to have so much fun attending a wedding in the rain.

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