A worthy suffering

For this beauty cold was endured.

A worthy suffering.

On this August morning I think about the horror of the world. Women and girls being flung back into the dark ages in Afghanistan. 

The neoliberal imperative to rape and pillage every resource, the greedy caterpillar eating all the leaves…until nothing is left.

The cruelty of my own government towards the other – refugees. Our brothers and sisters. Brown-skinned, paying homage to the same god under a different set of beliefs that terrifies the ‘specialness’ of the beliefs of our ruling class.

The sun’s appearance this morning is a reminder of the constancy of the seasons, of cycles, of birth and death to infinity. 

All of this will pass. As will I.

Do we learn? Do we ever learn? 

For the beauty of the day’s beginning cold was endured, reminding me of the struggle and joy that dance together as life.


Photo taken August 28th 2021

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