Abstraction separates us from Source

Could you look in the eyes of the cow before you kill it to eat it?

If we look into the eyes of the people arriving on boats as climate and war refugees, would our response to them be different? If we sat down and listened to their stories, would we be so cruel?

Abstraction separates us from Source.

Going to the supermarket to buy meat wrapped in plastic absolves us from any responsibility. Or so we believe. The price of our lack of responsibility will and does come due.

Talking about refugees as a homogenous group of strangers makes it easier to turn back the boats, these nameless people who we have been told threaten our security. 

Money in its original form was designed to mediate between people, communities and nations. As our financial world has abstracted money so far from source we have agreed to have money become so abstract it can reproduce itself without adding any value. Whether this is central bank-created money or blockchain-created tokens, money that is not linked to the creation or real value is a fiction. Fools are we to think this is a path to wealth.

The world is awash in abstracted money, food and humanity.

Many indigenous communities knew that to kill an animal to eat we held a ceremony in the animal’s honour.

We might practice reverence for Source as we restore our humanity for a world with a future.

Photo taken November 14th 2022

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