Adding the secret ingredient to learning

It is not such a secret ingredient. 

To have fun learning.

When we layer learning with stress, the returns are diminished. Our muscles contract, our breathing becomes irregular, and everything is harder.

When fun is present, so is the joy. 

As I write this, I am aware of how obvious this is. Yet, I also consider my learning journey with surfing.

I need to remind myself of this lesson again and again.

I watch an education system that makes learning stressful. Kids lose their love of curiosity, asking questions and comfort with being wrong. This sets up a lifetime of caution and a retreat from learning. A tragedy of human ingenuity. 

During the last few days in the surf, I have had fun. I was at ease. Joy was present. My surfing was better.

So simple and obvious. Hard to live at times.

Learn for the love and joy of learning.

Photo Taken May 3rd 2023