AI was created in the context of the profit-maximising machine

Fools are we to begin to think we can solve problems using the same tools, be that physical or digital tools or thinking or computing tools, that created the problem in the first place.

We have a world that currently incentivises to maximums profit at any cost. Good people become bad actors in this game.

In a class last night, I asked the question, “Are people naturally selfish or is the context they live in the ground to create selfishness as the side effect?”

We forget just how much the context we are in shapes our behaviour and response.

Today we have a machine that self-regulates and is autopoietic, becoming smarter with each step it takes.

While I agree with the urgent need for global regulation on AI, we are foolish to think that regulating this within the context of an existing rapacious profit-maximising machine will create a better outcome for humanity.

Indeed, AI was created in the context of the profit-maximising machine. The Source Idea of AI is encoded with the very issue that will consume everything.

This is the dilemma we face. We need a higher order of thinking, governance, and incentives towards a world that works for Earth and all her creatures.

Anything less is wishful thinking.

Photo Taken April 11th 2023

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