On this my first post for the New Year 2015, it might appear strange that I elect to quote from Hafiz.

But in the closing out of one year and the commencement of the next, we have the opportunity to perform our own alchemy. To take the dark times and turn them into light.

Wisdom comes from allowing ourselves to be richly seasoned from the dark times.

To speak to anyone wise, to any truly great leader, is to speak with one who has walked through the shadows of the dark times, and come to the light better for the dark.

Resentment, blame and victimisation takes the dark and allows it to reduce us to something smaller than we were. This is not the place of alchemy, but of debasement.

We get to choose…shall we move from dark to light through alchemy, or shall we carry the dark into the world of light, forever spoiling the light for ourselves and others?

Allow the dark times to season you. This then becomes a gift to the world.

Photo credit: nebojsa mladjenovic via Compfight


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