Altering people’s behaviour at mass scale

Without the people knowing it is happening to them. 

This is the weapon of mass destruction that we ignore every day.

All of us – every one of us – is being twisted towards the will of others without knowing it. Even when we cry out – not me! I am too smart, too discerning, too **whatever** for that.

Governed by an algorithm while thinking we have agency. 

Privatising the public sphere  – the place that enables the public to make decisions that maintain a healthy democracy – has resulted in almost complete mistrust in any information that is ‘othered’ and an amplified polarisation that is close to exploding.

Erosion of trust in public institutions leads to the loss of legitimate authority. Instead we get the Facebook PhD.

An urgent skill to establish now is the skill of sense making. But to do this we need to be able to step into a space in ourselves that has zero attachment to any opinion or belief. 

Think this is easy? Give it a go. It is so hard it is almost impossible

Photo taken January 3rd 2016

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