Amazing men

Lucky am I to have been raised by a father who honoured me. As a child weekend adventures invited bravery as normal, fear never mentioned. 

Outdoors, all-weather. Nature. Mud. Cold. Snakes. 

Adventure the guide.

It never entered my head that as a woman I was disadvantaged in any way. My voice and opinion mattered. My intelligence was revered rather than being a threat.

It was only in the last decade, when I took my first step into the public arena, in the world of business and startups, that I experienced the shock of diminishment, of being belittled because I am a woman. Where I saw the outright disadvantage of my gender. The silencing of my voice and opinion. The ridicule for standing in my own authority.

Like a fish who suddenly sees water for the first time, it was such a shock it left me reeling. 

Lucky am I to have found a partner who honours me. Who is unafraid of my intelligence. Who holds me up in every way possible, allowing the fullness of my light to shine. 

No one wins in the game of gender wars. Men suffer terribly from the loneliness and isolation of rocky self-esteem. Women suffer reduction to trite roles. 

The world misses out on the collective genius of all genders working in partnership. The beauty of the yin and yang entangled to produce so much more than we would have imagined with greater ease for the entwined polarity. 

Men who are comfortable in their wholeness to never feel diminished by strong, smart women…and women who are comfortable in their wholeness to be their all.

The world is better for this mutual partnering.

Thank you to all the amazing men in my life. I am better for your presence.

*Happy birthday Dad.

Photo taken August 29th 2021

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