Amplify Her

Men with influence and intellectual authority have the ability to consciously and intentionally amplify gender ‘other’ – those who are not being seen and heard because of gender bias.

Often men themselves do not even realise they have this bias.

Look around you. Look at the panel for an event. Mostly men? All men? 

Look at the Board or executive composition. The leadership in a political party.

Or the team at a startup.

How easy is it to fall back to the old conversation of meritocracy – that these are the best people for the job? 

Changing the game is not as easy as skipping down the yellow brick road throwing daffodils. You need to work at it. You need to seek, find, amplify, elevate. 

It’s uncomfortable. It feels risky. You might feel threatened. Your role might change. Yep, your role will change.

And if you are the next male guru wanna be…the next superhero. Please sit back down. Find a gender ‘other’ to amplify and become a superhero for doing this instead. 

It might not feel fair…because this is your time after all. Welcome to the thousand-year history of women/other and it not being fair.

Truth is the men have been sucking all the oxygen for way too long, often unconsciously. Often really good men, with much to offer. It is past time to restore the balance of polarity to our human experience.

Give the other a chance and watch the world become a better place. 

June 15th 2019

Photo taken June 15th, 2019