An argument must have opposition if it is to prove itself capable of standing.

“Unity is plural, at minimum two.” This is a law of Universe said Buckminster Fuller.

In order to have existence and to hold our shape – to be in integrity – we need polarity.

We need the left to the right. The up to the down. The good to the bad. They are not separate, but part of a whole. Just as the front and back of my hand is part of the whole hand.

Any thesis must have an antithesis. Out of both arises a synthesis. And on it goes, a spiral into the emergent.

Out of the polarity of opinion comes the third. The element that triangulates and gives space to both opinions.

If you are caught in an argument with another, the realisation that both of you hold a piece critical to synthesis might take you out of the righteousness that so often comes with an argument. 

There is evolution in this realisation as we put it into practice. 

Photo taken June 20th 2022

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