And I know that good will prevail in the end

My home community experiences yet another once in a 100 year flood. 

An egomaniac manages to unite most of the world – even rogue and neutral states stepping into action.

The rattle of the nuclear option spoken – a terrifying possibility for an unhinged man now boxed into a very bad corner.

And a true leader emerges, inspiring the world after decades of vacuous power gabbing leadership.

The people of Ukraine make all our silly noises about freedom to not wear a mask seem as trite as it was at the time. Teachers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers ready to fight to their death to defend their country. Their fierceness humbles me.

Over the years I write about little atrocities, about violations of integrity. About the demand for rights without the equal ask for the paired responsibilities that come with those rights. 

I write about what it means to be a citizen. To actually care enough about our collective gathering and working towards a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures. 

I watch as the people of Ukraine, led by the kind of leader we on planet Earth have yearned for, step into the arena, willing to pay the highest price.

And I know that good will prevail in the end.

Photo taken July 16th 2021 – because after a week of constant rain, we here in South East Qld are dreaming of a sunrise. 

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