Anticipation and expectation

The taste of anticipation for a holiday or adventure is a beautiful thing. Like a little magnet that lives in the back of your mind, drawing you to it with delight and excitement.

It is the oasis to the dessert, the rainbow to a grey sky. 

Expectation on the other hand can be our undoing.

To expect things beyond our control, like weather, smooth logistics and all of the myriad of conditions that may or may not happen, is to invite the possibility of bitter disappointment.

Cast aside expectations, or lower them. Hold an expectation of yourself to let be, to adapt and adjust to the unforeseen, good and bad.

Disappointment and frustration are often because we have not been honest with our expectations, either with ourselves or others.

To hold high expectations for things we cannot control is to live a sad, angry life.

To expect the sun to rise every day, and to celebrate this, no matter her costume, is to anticipate pleasure and to be rewarded.

Photo taken April 24th 2022

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