As humanity grows up


The Warrior – empire stage, autocrat, power over


The Traditional stage – God and country, right and wrong


The Modern stage – scientific rational


Postmodern stage – sensitivity to suffering of others, experience and acceptance of difference

Overlay this with;

Our own consciousness = 1st person perspective from the Modern stage — I am sovereign. I do not bend the knee to anyone. I am a free agent. 

2nd person perspective from the Modern stage – I respect other people and their rights to do exactly the same thing, even if I disagree with it. Whereas the Premodern sensibility from 2nd person perspective I need to get the other to bow to my wishes, change their mind, colonise their mind with propaganda.

3rd person perspective from the Modern stage – the world of ‘its’ – technology, tools, systems.

Our current geopolitics has the power of modern and postmodern tools – exponential technology – in the hands of the Warrior|Traditional mindset.

It is touch and go. Naive techno-optimism is not helpful. Know the enemy we are dealing with. The Warrior and Traditionalist know only how to speak and live warrior and traditionalist. 

I wonder what the redline will be that will make atrocities no longer acceptable to the rest of the world?

In the long arc of human history, it is the people, the grassroots, who rise up and say NO. Not on our watch. The people of Ukraine are the demonstration.

Let us join them. 

I am Ukrainian. 

Photo taken March 20th 2022

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