Relationships do not break down in one fell swoop. Just as atrocities do not start large.

The signs are evident, but for want of attention.

We neglect to attend to the things that we want the most. This is how we sabotage.

We shut down the small whispers that tug at our consciousness in the dark hours. The odd feeling in our gut that says something is off balance.

In our haste to build empires, we do not attend to these small whispers that speak of major things.

Until one day the whispers become loud, and the loud becomes unbearable, and by then the damage may be irreversible.

What matters to you most. Really truly deeply? And if this question is the one that derails you, then start with the obvious. Health? Relationships? Money? Love? Sex? How do you want to feel? Truly deeply? Safe, secure, loved, happy, peaceful, in service, respected, abundant, vibrant, healthy?

How are you planning to attend to what matters to you most, like a parent to a precious child. Every cry an ask for something, every gesture a delight to behold. Tuned in. Attentive. Because you really want this.

Or not.


Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

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