1. We have to have a context. A why that is big enough to inspire us.

2. We need to have a moral compass.

These are our values. They are not some random words on a wall somewhere. They are values that are lived every single day. Values that come through every single word, email, phone conversation, sales material, customer complaint, every relational breakdown.

3. Then we need boundaries and agreements. If we do not have clear boundaries and agreements the organisation does not have any structure. It will not hold its shape. The boundaries and agreements need to ensure the organisation holds the shape that is most required for its particular form to become manifest. If the boundaries and agreements are too tight they will smother the creative energy of the organisation. If they are too loose then people will not have a level of safety and security.

4. The business structure is then created from here. How do we bring coherence and co-ordination to this collaboration in the best way possible. See what we did at Big Blue Sky as an example of this.

5. And then we have the work of daily tuning in to the business, the ecosystem in which the business operates, the people with whom we connect and interact with, our product and services, and our own wholeness and capacity.

When the world of our business and life gets crazy, when we are overwhelmed or confused, when there is breakdowns and stagnation’s occurring in the business, get back to basics.

Felipe S. Morin G. via Compfight

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