Bad with money

For most of my life I thought I was bad with money. 

There is a story propagated by the neoliberals that people of lesser financial means cannot manage their money. They need supervision. In Australia the current government is slowly and stealthily introducing a cashless pension card that prevents the pensioner from being able to access cash or use the card at anything but nominated shops. This is simply another means of allowing the already wealthy businesses to get more business through corrupt means while removing sovereign choice from the pensioner, someone who has most likely worked all of their lives and paid taxes.

At every level of society we have people who spend money on gambling, alcohol, drugs, fast food, and will do this before they pay rent or child care expenses.

At every level of society we have the takers. In the Australian lexicon, the dole bludgers at one end, and the socialists posturing as capitalists at the other – paying not a penny in taxes, manipulating the system to get free rides everywhere.

I am not bad with money. As a single self-employed mother, I learned to squeeze every ounce of value from my hard worked for dollar. 

I refused to exploit, while allowing myself for years to be exploited. I walked away from property opportunity because of a toxic relationship. The choice was my peace of mind. I invested in my daughter having amazing experiences, rather than investing in property.

I have learned over the years that most wealth has been built off the back of socially acceptable exploitation and colonisation. I chose not to play that game, and my bank account currently tells that story. That doesn’t make me ashamed, it makes me comfortable to be able to stand in my own integrity.

I believe that we can build beautiful businesses that nourish all participants, all of those touched by the business, and create reserves. 

Bad with money needs to be redefined. Those who are bad with money are those who exploit. The scrooges of the world. Heartless. Absent compassion. Power crazed. Those who see people as numbers of a spreadsheet, or tools for their wealth propagation. Those who thrive from hiding information so people do not have full choice-making capabilities. Those who manipulate the system so their buddies might get the deal. Those who waste to the extreme. Those who see Earth and her resources as theirs for the taking, regardless of the long term consequences. 

Of course this definition of ‘bad with money’ means that most of the ‘bad with money’ people are the wealthy companies and people.

When we live in a system that defines money accumulation at the cost of people and earth, we know we have systems failure. 

Time to create new systems. It is time for a Syntropic World.

Photo taken December 29th 2017

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