Laziness procrastination kairos

To be lazy is to have the part of us that resists engagement with life rule.

To deny self a clean space, made bed, healthy body, active life. To step over the extra effort it takes to participate in the creation of a vibrant ecology. It is not the clean space, but the thought that cleaning might be a step towards saying yes to self. In saying yes to self we begin to build our own worth and value, brick by brick. To break the pattern requires going that extra small yet mountain-climbing step of doing the thing that has ruled our life so far though our resistance to action. 

Procrastination is to put off. To not be willing to face now what needs to be done. Like laziness, it is a form of self-deception and self-denial.

Kairos is to be attuned to the larger frequency of your ecology and to act in harmony with it.

Knowing the difference between the three and telling self the truth is a sure pathway to our own sovereignty.

December 15th 2019

Photo taken December 15th, 2019