Being in our element. The first principle of our being

There is an incredible attractive force when we see people in their element.

Being in their proper and natural environment. The first principle of their being.

This morning I was observing my love in the ocean, surfing. In his element. In the ocean he is more whole than in any other place. In our element we get to drop striving, drop pretence….we can simply be. And because of this anyone who is not in their element is drawn into the energy, recognising wholeness in the other while noticing the absence in themselves. 

When we are born we have a unique thumb print, and a unique Pattern Integrity, one that transcends genetic material. A child takes a first breath and the element of their nature is already there, raw, requiring the support of other humans and an ecology to become fully manifest. 

It is the same with an idea. It arrives with its unique Pattern Integrity already there. This needs to be protected, nurtured, and placed into an ecology that enables it to become fully manifest.

The parent|steward of the child|Source idea is tasked with a singular and complex role. To create the ecology, the conditions, the field, the support, the culture….that enables the child|Source idea to flourish.

As for ourselves, we, too, are stewards of our own Pattern Integrity. If you are lost, find the thread. Go back to that which brings you alive. That which brings you home to your elemental nature.

Then do all within your power to create the ecology to nourish this. Say no, if possible, to what does not, including to people. Spend even pockets of time in your element, for the more you do, the more you will enable the flow of life to partner with you.

My love doesn’t live in the ocean. But the ocean lives in him. To the ocean he returns to be restored to self.

Photo taken July 8th, 2020